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    • Description

      The Provence is a patio-size spa featuring side “his and her” lounges and seating for up to 4 adults. Its smaller profile makes it ideal for couples looking for a high-performance, luxury spa to fit a compact space. The spa fits through most exterior standard doorways for convenient installation.

    • Tech Specs

      DIMENSIONS 198 x 213 x 89 cm
      WATER CAPACITY 1,005 litres
      DRY WEIGHT 395 kg
      FILLED WEIGHT* 1,715 kg
      JET COUNT 43 Total Jets
      JETS 36 Euro, 1 Euphoria™, 2 VersaSsage™, 2 AdaptaSsage™, 2 OrbiSsage™
    • Terms Of Sale

      Just £500 deposit confirms your spa, this will then be subject to a site visit by one of the sps team.


      The spa price includes steps, spa cover, spa, chemical starter kit, delivery, chemical induction and commissioning of the spa.


      price does not include your electric supply, Water supply, a suitable base for the spa or any extra delivery methods (high abs or cranes) any questions please ring 01255 818381.

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