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Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

Wall Mount Surface Skimmer


This Deluxe pool surface skimmer from Intex, standing out with its wall-mounted design, is ideal for cleaning your swimming pool.

The surface skimmer works with your filter pump for automatic skimming, gathering leaves and other debris before they sink to the bottom of the pool. With adjustable mounting bracket, the pool skimmer can be fixed on your pool's sidewalls and moved up or down in level with the water's surface. The strainer basket can be pulled out, and the corrosion- and chemical-proof plastic material ensures that the skimmer is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. This automatic surface skimmer requires a filter pump with a minimum water flow rate of 1000 gal/h (3785 l/h).

This wall-mounted pool surface skimmer from Intex takes the stress and strain away from manually cleaning leaves and debris on a scorching summer's day!

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