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Robotic Pool Cleaner D600 Pink Piranha
  • Robotic Pool Cleaner D600 Pink Piranha

    • BWT D600 is a top of the range residential robotic pool cleaner that offers fully automatic cleaning of the pool floor and walls right up to to the waterline. Just place the machine in the pool and plug it in, turn it on and watch the pool robot clean the entire pool on its own. The D600 robotic pool cleaner collects all the dirt and debris to its 4D onboard top access easy clean filters. Once the machine has finished it will turn itself so it can be removed from the pool, the filters can then be cleaned and ready for next time.

    This robotic pool cleaner has cleaning cycles of 1.5, 2 or 2.5 hours. It also has a filter full indictor. It is equipped with PVA brushes as standard which will work on any pool surface and will clean any shape residential pool. The BWT D600 robotic pool cleaner links up to the BWT app on your smartphone to enable you to view the progress of the cleaning cycle as well as being able to steer the machine from your phone for spot cleaning.

    It comes complete with a caddy to store it on and to transport it to and from the pool.


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